Friday, February 12, 2016

[Modern] Green Devotion 20 Solitaire Games Part 4

Link to Part 3

From the 20 Solitaire games, we have:

Turn 4 wins had Nykthos 9 out of 10, turn 5 games had it 6 out 9. Turn 4 games had souldbond 6 out of 10, turn 5 games had it 4 out of 9. GPH was only in two turn 4 games. It adds a lot late game, that's for sure. Four turn 4 games did not have soulbond or GPH, but all had Nykthos. There is nothing surprising from these results for me because I have played this deck hundreds of times, except for how much more important Nykthos is than the other cards in getting the game to end earlier.

These Solitaire results are very interesting, but need to be combined with the results of real games. This deck has remained unchanged since Theros block. It has zero cards from the last six sets. I wonder if there are any cards in these later sets that would make this deck stronger.

The most interesting games in this sample are games 9 and 14 because all of the deck's pieces came out. Here is game 14.

I am at 7 devotion turn 3 (2 in Solitaire) and I hit for 5.

Turn 4 (3 in Solitaire) I soulbond and hit for 10.

Turn 5 (4 in Solitaire) I play GPH for its card draw of eight and it goes in my graveyard. I hit for 23!