Friday, February 12, 2016

[Modern] Green Devotion 20 Solitaire Games Part 3

Link to Part 2

Here are the drawn hands and end states of the second batch of 10 Solitaire games.

Game 11's drawn hand has too much mana.

The game ends on turn 5 just barely. This is one of the weaker games in this setup.

Game 12 has a solid hand, but not enough forests to drop Predator Ooze just from these cards.

It still ends turn 4 and decisively. Those two Bramblecrushes in my hand would have been used by now in a real game-such an effective removal card in this deck.

Game 13 had a solid starting hand.

But I didn't draw my big threats and ended up a really slow game, ending on turn 7. In a real-life game this would have most definitely been a loss. Of course, I did end up with all four Bramblecrushes. Its hard to say in a real game if I would have bought myself a few extra turns with these four removal cards.

Game 14's hand is tricky, but a mana dork is the glue of this deck.

This is a very decisive turn 4 win.

Game 15's hand also is a little tricky. I have my big threats, but I need a smooth way to cast them all.

This game ends turn 5 and I am able to mega-draw for eight with GPH.

Game 16 is similar, except I do start off with Nykthos.

Another turn 5 win with eight cards out of GPH.

Game 17 has an easy hand. I can play all of these cards just with this hand.

Not surprisingly, it ends turn 4, and with one Bramblecrush in my hand.

Game 18 is another tricky draw with two five-drops.

This game ended turn 5 in a blow-out thanks to soulbonding both Wolfir Silverhearts. I have done this in real games, but not often on account of how often one or both get removed.

Game 19 has an easy hand.

It ends turn 5 in a blow-out with two Bramblecrushes. That would have likely been a solid game.

Game 20 is another easy hand.

It ends turn 4 in a blow-out with two Bramblecrushes in hand.

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