Friday, February 12, 2016

[Modern] Green Devotion 20 Solitaire Games Part 2

Link to Part 1

Here I compare the opening hand to the final outcome for each game. Here are the first batch of 10 games. This deck is not designed to live or die on the opening hand, but every deck needs a good opening hand.

Game 1: I can play two mana dorks from my opening hand. One land works fine.

Turn 4 in Solitaire translates to turn 5 in Constructed if I am first out. This one is not a blowout and I did not draw any Bramblecrush, which is the card I can use to remove any non-land permanent, including planeswalkers.

Game 2's opening hand is much better, and quite close to the best hand I can draw. I have one mana dork and one land. As soon as I draw an additional land I can play Predator Ooze, and with it and Nykthos, I can play out my entire hand in two turns. Game 2 is more of a blow-out, but one turn later (5 in Solitaire).

Soulbonding with Wulfir Silverheart will boost a creature by +4/+4. The two go-to options are Predator Ooze because it is Indestructible, and Witchstalker because it has Hexproof-and a bonus many players miss that it gains a +1/+1counter when a blue or black spell is played by your opponent during your turn.

In Game 3 I start with Nykthos, Elvish Mystic (my mana dork), and a forest. This hand begins a steady ramp.

This game ended turn 4 with a blow-out. I have one Bamblecrush.

In game 4 I start with three lands and a mana dork, perfect to drop a Predator Ooze as soon as possible, which is great to build a high devotion count.

Turn 4 win with a Soulbonded Wolfir Silverheart.

I start off a little on the heavy side. It actually is better to draw Garruk Primal Hunter and Wolfir Silverheart later in the game.

Turn 5 win, a slower game. One Bramblecrush in hand. No Nykthos.

Game 6 starts off with Nykthos and both Burning-Tree Emissary's in the main deck. I used to run all four in the main deck, but for reasons I don't remember I sent two of them to the sideboard.

Another quicker game, ending Turn 4.

Game 7 starts off with an over-loaded hand.

This game ends on turn 5, and with too many Predator Oozes. Still, what is missing from the shadow-boxing of a Solitaire game is that Predator Ooze is indestructible. In a real game my chump blockers would have been dead by now, and Predator Ooze is usually the last creature standing.

Game 8 also starts heavy with two GPHs.

It also ends turn 5 and with a bigger blow-out thanks to a soulbonded Wolfir Silverheart. I didn't get to play either GPH.

Game 9 has lots of land and a mana dork.

This is one of the stronger games. It ends turn 4 and I still have a large hand from GPH drawing me eight cards.

Game 10 starts with a solid hand. I can hit with Haste early thanks to Strangleroot Geist. What does not show in Solitaire is this creature's resilience thanks to Undying, one of my favorite abilities.

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