Saturday, February 13, 2016

[Modern] Green Devotion Updated

My favorite Modern deck, Green Devotion, showed its age in gameplay over the last couple of days. I decided to update it by running two fewer lands, and changing the creature mix. I added Eternal Witness, of which I now have a play-set. Eternal Witness is one of the best two-for-ones in Modern since it can recover any card in your deck from the graveyard. I also added more Undying with Vorapede. Mistcutter Hydra is another crowd favorite. It can enter the battlefield at whatever mana I have, it has Haste, and it cannot be countered.

Here are five Solitaire games. The deck has more variance, and also more power.

Here are a few wins. This version of the deck is better for the current metagame, especially the abundance of Eldrazi dual lands. Here I rescue a Vorapede and then swing for the win.

Here is a win against a Pathrazer of Ulamog. With Annihilator 3, I know I am sacrificing three permanents every time it swings. It also needs to be blocked by at least three creatures. This is one of my favorite Eldrazi. Look in my opponent's graveyard as I destroy many of their special lands.

I know I can sacrifice one of the Elvish Mystics, the token, and Strangleroot Geist-latter recovered because of Undying.

By this point I can sacrifice Garruk Primal Hunter, a token, and Eternal Witness.

I was able to cast an Acidic Slime, and my opponent lost their Pathbreaker of Ulamog to it (not a good move, I would have recommended a stall, although it is true I took out enough of the special lands). I could then swing for the win.

Here is another really fun game, and a win. I love large board states, win or lose. Here I take out a Treetop Village.

It feels good to revamp my favorite deck. The old somewhat linear strategy was showing age. This is one of the aspects of Magic the Gathering I love the most: nothing stays still, all decks require updating as the metagame (casual or competitive), and that's fun as well.