Friday, February 5, 2016

[Standard] Casual Eldrazi Ramp Green Wastes Deck

This is another one of my In-Real-Life (IRL) decks. I usually get slaughtered in Just for Fun when I play one of these decks. This one is an exception! It actually wins! This deck has a simple manabase: 12 Wastes and 12 Forests.

Here I had a great board presence, but no flyers, and my opponent kept hitting for 4 life every turn with their flyer.

I was able to cast Conduit of Ruin, tutor Desolation Twin and cast it, gg after that.

In this win, I removed a creature my opponent controlled and then could hit with my board full of Scions.

In this other win, I was able to kill off a big flyer with one of my creatures using Unnatural Aggression.