Friday, March 3, 2017

Modern Masters 2017 Part 2 of 2: Want List and Notables

With so much value in this set, I wonder how much money I will have to get all the cards I want. This set reminds me of Vintage Masters. There just wasn't enough money in my budget to get all the cards I wanted.

Craterhoof Behemoth: I need at least one, maybe two.
Harmonize: I recently completed my play set. This is a great 'out of the normal color pie' card.

Scavenging Ooze: Time to complete my playset.
Thragtusk: Welcome back! Part of a very annoying and winning deck when it was in Standard with Restoration Angel.

Summoning Trap: I want to try it out if it is reasonably priced.
Tarmogoyf: No comment, I need three more, and I doubt I will be able to stretch my budget enough to get them. Wait... that was a comment. Yes, it was.

Abrupt Decay: Another two-fer (Legacy/Modern) great include.
Coiling Oracle: Another great include. I think I have the play set already.

Cruel Ultimatum: fun inclusion.
Domri Rade: Was a really strong planeswalker in Standard. Not so much in Modern. Still a fun include.

Falkenrath Aristocrat and Olivia Voldaren: The former was less sough-after than the latter and I want play sets of both.

Obzedat, Ghost Council and Sphinx's Revelation: both very strong in Standard. I only need one of the latter.

Stoic Angel: A fun include from Shard of Alara block.
Terminate: I have it, and other people should as well.

Unflinching Courage: I had so much playing this card in Standard.
Voice of Resurgence: I rare-drafted one, and I would like to get more. I am not sure if it will go down enough.

Wall of Denial: One of the best walls in the game. Great inclusion.
Boros Reckoner: I have it, other people should as well. Was very strong in Standard, and is fun in Modern.

Damping Matrix: I would like to play, never have. It''s a great card to learn the different between non-mana activated abilities and mana activated abilities.
Grafdigger's Cage: I just sold two of them online, when they spiked, to fun pack purchases. Now I get to buy them back at a much lower price. Sweet!

Just the five enely color fetchlands from Zendikar and Cavern of Souls will add a ton of value to every pack. This inclusion makes this set as hot as Vintage Masters.