Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Standard Naya Investigate

Yes, I know, another Investigate deck.

I played against a deck similar to this one, only it was missing White.

I had all the flyers and my opponent was not able to build an overwhelming army.

I played two games against a Herald of Anguish deck. I lost the first game and won the second one.

The deck sacrifices artifacts to trigger Pia's Revolution.

I hope Herald of Anguish goes down in price. I want to play this card.

This deck is likely not running a playset of Herald of Anguish because it is using Merchant's Dockhand to Scry for it.

For the second game I drew the correct cards. Variance was in my favor. Here I get rid of Pia's Revolution.

Later, I take out Hearld of Anguish as soon as it lands on the board. I don't want to be discarding any cards from my hand!

I had the win after removing those two pieces.

Near the end of this game, my opponent cast Lifecraft Awakening to boost a token.

Here is the token.

The deck also uses Crackdown Construct.