Sunday, October 7, 2018

Boros Learner Solitarie Deck for Guilds of Ravnica

This deck has cards I want to learn to play with for this guild. The deck has a minor Auras and Equipment theme to trigger extra card draw and to buff up specific Mentor cards.

Mentor is all about attacking, which fits what this guild's cards are about. Just like Evolve for Simic in Gatecrash, it's all about how the creatures land on the board, and if you draw well, they will land in increasing order, therefore creating an chain of Mentor triggers, until all creatures that could be mentored have been.

The deck has a very fast clock. Turn 3 in solitaire is like turn 4 in constructed play against a real opponent.

Haazda Marshall is a perfect Mentor target since it needs to be made bigger to continue kicking out tokens.

Once all creatures match the top creature with Mentor, the chain ends.

Here, I was able to obtain the city's blessing (by controlling at least ten permanents).

Tajic hits fast and hard.

Not much need for Mentor here.

In this board state, I am drawing to played creatures with Mentor of the Meek (great name given the Mentor ability-I just realized this coincidence!).

Valduk!!! (What else can I say? It's such a fun creature).

Most of these games played out very fast. They would be four or five turns to the win in normal games, barring board wipes.