Sunday, October 7, 2018

Golgari Learner Solitarie Deck for Guilds of Ravnica

This deck has cards I want to learn to play with for this guild. I started with a minor self-mill theme until I realized that I didn't have enough cards with Undergrowth for the number of creature cards in my graveyard to matter that much.

Glowspore Shaman is great to drop creatures in the graveyard, I am just not doing it enough for it to matter in this specific learner deck.

Glowspore Shaman drops cards in the graveyard, and Golgari Findbroker gets them back to your hand.

Here is another sample play state.

I can self mill for overgrowth in this board state. I took the self-mill theme out.

With a few 'draw extra cards' creatures, and Dryad Greenseeker letting me filter out lands, it's a slow deck, yet it can be as effective as a boa constrictor.

Self-mill out, some good critters in, also more 'fetch for basics' effects.

The deck is more fluid with the self-mill theme out.

Now, when I draw extra cards, I draw some good critters that were not in the first version of the deck.