Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dimir Learner Solitarie Deck for Guilds of Ravnica

This deck has cards I want to learn to play with for this guild. Control decks are difficult to model in solitarie. I judge how well the deck is playing not just by how much I am hitting for, but also by how many counterspells I have in my hand as I click through the games.

The Jump-Start cards are awesome, even if they were designed for Izzet. I did not get much out of Etrata because I need more tutoring.

Once Etrata hits, it goes back in your library. Now you have to figure a way to tutor for it... that's hard.

Dimir Spybug and Nightveil Predator are awesome.

Mystic Archeologist can draw cards... I like that!

It costs 2U to draw two cards with Divination at Sorcery speed, one more mana is well worth it to do it again.

Final Parting is here for Etrata, but if the game is about to end, it's just better to draw more cards.

The solitaire games play out long. I am just checking the cards out.