Sunday, October 7, 2018

Izzet Learner Solitarie Deck for Guilds of Ravnica

This deck has cards I want to learn to play with for this guild. There are so many interactions between many of the cards of this deck. It's a ton of fun.

This deck has solid creatures even if it's an 'instants and sorceries' deck.

I was able to make lots and lots of tokens off Murmuring Mystic. I did not expect that from my first reading of the card.

Tons of tokens... so unexpected.

Here is the final state before I would have won (in Solitaire, of course!).

Storm the Vault does not fit this deck. I took it out.

Omnispell Adept is such a Johnny card! Here I play Apex of Power.

I picked 'Blue' for my ten mana.

And off I went casting good stuff.

Erratic Cyclops can turn into a huge beater in this deck.

I can tutor for a wide variety of instants and sorceries.

I went for card draw in this instance to close out the game.

Here is Erratic Cyclops as a 6/8.

I was able to do it again next turn.

And here is the result: 7/8.

It's a slow deck.