Thursday, December 27, 2018

Ravnica Golgari Guild Kit expanded to Commander: Jarad Part 2

This deck required major changes to improve.

Even though devotion is not a major theme for this deck, once in a while it will help me to turn Pharika into a creature.

Liliana's Elite can get big. Also, even though this is solitaire, I like to measure how much spot removal is in my hand, which in a real game would come in handy.

Ob Nixilis is a great card draw engine, and Gitrog is amazing in this deck.

The inclusion of Planar Bridge is a great addition to this deck.

Helm of the Host belongs in every commander deck I make these days.

What's not to like about drawing so many cards?

This deck can get silly with the Helm of the Host activations.

...really out of control.

This improved version of the deck is great at feeding the graveyard for Jarad (11/11 here).

Here is a close-up of Jarad.