Saturday, December 8, 2018

MTGO Casual Vintage

I am planning to use this fictitious format to have some solitaire fun on MTGO as it slowly fades into nothingness. I add the power 9 to a singleton 60 card Vintage legal deck, and, voila! Also, the only non-basic lands legal in this made-up format are the Ravnica I bounce lands.

This example is my Boros Ravnica Kit Commander deck pared down for this format. It's just an early trial deck.

Any deck in this format can go wide pretty quickly.

It's just for fun.

I hope MTGO survives for at least one more year.

I look forward to making more of these decks and playing them on MTGO.

Can you imagine if in a long term future someone owned the rights to these cards and printed a deck with the power 9 on paper? A boy can dream!