Saturday, December 8, 2018

MTGO Opportunity Buying

You may think I am crazy, but, thank God, I can afford to lose $15. I just rented these pixels from Cardhoarder.

I sold my previous one to them when I sold out my whole collection a year ago. I am running low on funds for the year, but if MTGO is still around for a few more years, I would love to get back to making Vintage and Legacy decks and playing them in Solitaire just for fun. Don't forget to have fun, folks!

Let's see what announcements come our way from Wizards. If they close down MTGO in a month, I lost $15. If MTGO is on for a few more years, I am in great shape. I first thought of renting a large number of penny cards, but I can do that anytime. If it does turn out that Wizards will allow the hardcore casuals like yours truly to play on in MTGO with the entire card collection ever published, well, I will have a ton of fun coming my way.

And after writing the above, I realized that I will only live once, and that I can spare not just $15 on this crazy gamble, I can spare all of $50 on it. So here goes, maybe nothing, maybe a lot of fun solitaire play in the future: