Sunday, August 18, 2019

A Brawl Remembrance: Elenda (Ixalan)

This is a fairly linear strategy: drop Vampires, beef them up once in a while, tutor for them once in a while, and as they die in combat, Elenda gets bigger. The End.

Legion Lieutenant is a good pick for tutoring.

It's a fairly liner deck... drop Vampires, protect them, win (if possible).

Here is a great end-of-game layout.

Forerunner of the Legion gives temporary boosts that come in handy.

There are several Vampires in this deck with Ascend.

Champion of Dusk will draw a card for each Vampire on the board. That can be quite the draw.

Here is the outcome.

Sorin has a +2 ability. I need to remember that.

Twilight Prophet was the pick here. Double draws each turn are great!

In solitaire no Vampires die. In a real game, they sure will, and then can be used to boost Elenda.

Here is another great layout of Vampires.

And another.

Profane Profession is a fantastic card. It cannot be modeled in solitaire because you want to exile opponent creatures. I have played it against real opponents, and it's a very disruptive card.

It's linear, all right; and it's also fun!