Saturday, August 24, 2019

A Brawl Remembrance: Gishath (Ixalan) Part 2

I love this deck. It deserves a long post broken into two parts. Here, I continue to show how these cards interact in solitaire play. There should be a Panharmonicon deck with Dinosaurs someday...

Dinosaurs that fly are great, and when they can make a non-flying Dinosaur fly, that's even better.

Gishath is very difficult to cast, but once you do and attack with it, you can free cast additional dinosaurs. I took out Sun-Blessed Mount once I realized it tutors for the Planeswalker deck Huatli.

The incremental damage from Rampaging Ferocidon can add up nicely.

Here is a late game Path of Mettle. This deck does not have enough synergy with this card.

Priest of the Wakening Sun is a life gain machine, but can be taken out easily (as a 1/1).

Here is another batch of Gishath free casting of Dinosaurs.

Ripjaw Raptor is one of the best targets for a Forerunner tutor (enrage trigger draws a card).

Here is another batch of Gishath free casting of Dinosaurs.

...and another.

I put in Nissa after I had played many games. It's a great addition (to replace the DInosaur that tutors for the Planeswalker deck Huatli).

The Rivals Huatli can get an absurd number of counters that you can then use to mega boost one of your creatures.

A not-so-great Gishath free cast.

In this case, I really needed the land off Commune with Dinosaurs.

A smooth flow got me to this board (both Kinjalli's Caller, and Otepec Huntmaster are on the board).

Ghaltia is easy to cast with a full board (of course!!!).