Sunday, August 18, 2019

A Brawl Remembrance: Jhoira (Dominaria)

There were many more low cost artifacts for Jhoira when Kaladesh was in Standard. It's still somewhat viable as a casual Brawl Commander. This deck has a complex plan to make it work: you need good non-artifact cards before Jhoira comes in to set up steady mana, and a steady flow of low cost artifacts for after you cast Jhoira. Once the extra draws kick in, the deck can take off.

Most of the best low cost artifacts are equipment. Why not equip Jhoira?

Sai creates tokens when artifacts come in.

Saheeli also creates tokens.

Rampaging Ferocidon pings, and that's great steady damage.

Scrying helps the deck set up plays for before Jhoira and after Jhoira.

Here, Saheeli makes a copy of Awakened Amalgam.

Here, quasiduplicate makes a copy of Awakened Amalgam, and unlike for Saheeli, the copy stays.

With lucky early plays, the deck can get a strong board presence (true for any deck).