Saturday, February 6, 2016

[Standard] Eldrazi Displacer Part 1 of 2

For my first try, I played a White/Wastes deck. By the way, I love this card. It got hyped by the TCGPlayer hype machine and went up to like $8 digital, but then it crashed to $3 and I got it. It's no Restoration Angel (Flying and Flash, zero cost for the flicker), yet it should provide me lots and lots of Johnny deckbuilding fun.

I tried running an Equipment theme and an Enchantment theme.

Here is a win. I had flyers and was able to enchant their lone flyer with Pacifism.

With so much mana I was able to flicker away both tokens and flicker another copy of the flyer.

My opponent gave up when I swung for the win.

I also encountered the three annoying decks of the format. Annoying deck No. 1 is casting Ulamog, a card designed for tournament decks and no fun in Just for Fun.

Annoying deck No.2 is a control shell casting Villainous Wealth, a card I love but I am tired of seeing.

I got board-wiped and then lost all my creatures to it: no fun.

Annoying deck No.3 drains me of life. I have played this deck, and its getting old and boring to play against it.

Time to make a change to this deck: click here for the next installment, in which I add Green.