Saturday, February 6, 2016

[Standard] Eldrazi Displacer Part 2 of 2

Link back to the first installment, in which I lose a bunch of games going White/Wastes.

Adding green was great. Oh, and I guess I got Unglued lands out of store participation? I am pretty sure I didn't buy these.

At this early stage I am ready to flicker a Den Protector.

When I try to enchant one of their creatures, my opponent sacrifices it to Evolutionary Leap.

My opponent had a great board position except for a glaring omission: no flyers, and that's gg folks.

In this second win my opponent had a really creative deck. They would draw cards off Humble Defector and then remove it. With Blessed Reincarnation they would substitute one of my creatures with another, and then do it again with Rebound.

Here is some more card draw with Humble Defector.

And then they played Displacement Wave. It would have been a great move except I am running a bunch of Enter the Battlefield (ETB) cards!

Here is my recovery.

Here comes another Displacement Wave.

I recovered to an event better board position thanks to all those ETB triggers and enchant their Thought-Knot Seer with Pacifism.

And then I swing for the win: voila!