Thursday, March 31, 2016

Superguild White Black

This deck has lots of small creatures, and triggers Extort to ping your opponent often.

The deck has a reasonable mana curve. The lower curve is great for enabling Extort.

Here is game 1, ended Turn 6.

Here is game 2 early, as I trigger a bunch of Extort.

Game 2 ended turn 7.

Game 3 ended turn 8. Elspeth is great to drop tokens.

Game 4 also ended turn 6. Ajani gives me a +1/+1 counter with his +1 every turn.

Game 5 ended turn 7.

Game 6 ended turn 8. Ajani is a great closer in solitaire.

Game 7 had two planeswalkers and ended turn 7.

And in case you were wondering why there is no room for casual decks for Legacy online, I would say a big component is that even in Just for Fun, all of the decks are 'good stuff,' and here is an example. Modern and Standard have the same issue. We need a format for casual constructed decks. Umezawa's Jitte in Just for Fun... well, I play JTMS, and am just as guilty of playing over-powered broken cards.