Sunday, June 5, 2016

[Modern] Blue/Black Shadowmoor Devotion

This deck is solid. It needed a good sideboard and it now has one. It also needed some two-drops that are not hybrid mana-costed. It now has those too.

I played a match against elves that I won. I got overwhelmed by the elves during the first game.

Second game I was able to build my army and use Inquisition of Kozilek to take some threats out of the game.

Here is the end of the second game. Same happened during the third game.

That's a great board:

This match, same deal. I lost the first game against some solid reanimation enabled by Sun Titan.

I was able to hit for -1/-1 Wither counters to severely weaken my opponent's field.

This weakening effect bought me time.

I dropped my two Wurmcoil Engines and my opponent removed them once.

And twice... ouch!

My opponent used Pithing Needle on Ashiok.

But they couldn't remove my Steel Hellkite, and I swung with it for the win boosting it with all my mana for several turns 2 colorless for each +1/+0 boost.