Sunday, November 20, 2016

[Modern] White Green Devotion Shadowmoor Plus Deck

This is a three-for-one deck. It has devotion, I am using the cards from Shadowmoor that became really affordable, I am placing them in a devotion, and I am even using a Shard of Alara card from the batch I just got: Knight of New Alara.

Most casual decks that let me build my army fold over.

I can wear my opponent out for the win.

Now, against a black deck with a lot of removal, this deck does not stand a chance. Once my devotion pieces are removed, I am done. This is the Achilles' heal of a Devotion deck without Hexproof or Indestructible.

Even when I can take out my opponent's enchantment, I am down to a 1/1 token.

The same happens against decks playing red that can remove my early drops.

But if I encounter decks that try to outbuild me, most of the time, I can win. Here are three wins. In this first one, I had 10 Green mana to spare.

Here, I have 4 mana to spare.

This deck was pimped out, but could not outrace me. Once I have my devotion combo, I can play out my whole hand of high converted mana cost creatures.