Sunday, May 14, 2017

Standard Amonkhet Turbofog

I lost against this deck and found it interesting enough that I wanted to build it by watching the replay of my loss. It is a very interesting deck. I am not planning to play it too much at this point because I am still trying to figure out how many of the cards play. It can be annoying for most opponents, and that's always an issue with Fog decks.

Here are two early plays from my loss. Grapple with the Past seeds the graveyard with lands.

And then with Splendid Reclamation, my opponent brought all their lands from their graveyard to the battlefield. I was planning to continue showing screenshots from that very long game because my opponent understood this deck far better than I understand it, but the replay times out for very long games!

Here is my deck. I could not see a reason for which to decrease the playsets of the cards I knew were key, and therefore chose to include them all and increase the size of the deck to match those playsets.

Here is a sample game. My opponent gave up pretty early... This is what happens to control on MTGO: people rage-quit a lot. Here is Fog No.1. Fog is better than this card because it only costs G.

Fog No. 2.

I play Memory using the Aftermath ability and draw at least one Yehenny's Expertise.

I can cast one of these for free.

 And my opponent gave up after the board wipe... this is a really awesome deck, requiring a solid knowledge of many interactions. I love it.