Thursday, December 27, 2012

Opened Seven Packs of Saviors of Kamigawa

I recently went through seven packs of Saviors of Kamigawa to add to the Innistrad/Kamigawa/Odyssey playing selection or cube I had been planning (these plans have changed and now it looks like I will do Kamigawa and Shards of Alara blocks for a commander cube) and I must agree with the negative comments I have read about the relative unplayability of these cards. Talk about overcosted.....

Rending Vines compared to Naturalize is the best example I could come up with. All of the uncommons I pulled read like the less playable commons from Innistrad, the rares read like somewhat playable uncommons from Innistrad, and save for some exceptions, most of the commons are really screaming at me "I dare you to figure a way to play me against any other set in Modern."

Also....there seems to be an ability missing in this set that would make it OK to have an infinite hand. What is up with all these cards that base their abilities on the number of cards in a hand? Most of the time you want to be playing your cards, not to have a large hand???

Lastly, if so many cards are based on maximizing the number of cards in your hand, why not have a large number of cantrips or put draw abilities all over the place?

I totally get why those packs are sitting unopened.

Here are the videos.