Saturday, December 15, 2012

You Tube Channel

In this summary post I point to the You Tube channel where I show High Definition videos for some of the Magic cards featured in this blog.

[click here to go to the You Tube channel]

The first batch of videos features the artifacts in a Mirrodin/Scars of Mirrodin cube of exactly 1000 cards. Of these, there are 120 for each of the 5 colors, and the rest are artifacts (that's 400 of them). There is more than one card for a few artifacts, and the total number of unique artifacts is something like 250.

I will also post various pack openings. Here is an example. These are and will be current sets or previous sets. Any given card from these videos may likely be covered again, but sleeved and discussed in a cube-making or deck-making context later.

I am also building a small Grixis (blue/black/red) cube that is now Standard Constructed.

I opened one pack of Ravnica, two of Guildpact, and two of Dissension.

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January 30, 2013 status of the channel: 98 videos.