Friday, April 24, 2020

Casual Snapdax Commander Build

I am so glad MTGO is still around. For all of $10, I got most of the Ikoria cards to test out. Snapdax is all right. This build has a casual manabase. It's just a way for me to understand how the mutate cards work. I went for multiple themes and made sure I had no humans in the deck.

These boards are all from solitaire. I am just learning the cards. I went for devotion in all three colors, added a minor likelink theme, and made sure I could reanimate at times. Amass in general, and Dreadhorde Invasion, specifically, are great with Mutate, especially if you Mutate onto the Amass token when it's a lowly 1/1 with the token on the bottom. This allows you to generate a new Amass token. Nice trick!

Right out the gate, it looks like tokens and artifact creatures are ideal to put mutate cards on top of. I found myself preferring this route.

Experimental Frenzy is a lot of fun in this deck. I prefer dropping it when my hand is down to just this card. Once my hand is filled up, I sac it.

If the top of my library gets clogged by a land, and I already have a few cards in my hand, that's also a good time to sac Experimental Frenzy. 

It can help a lot.

This was a good time to sac it.

Tokens were my most common target for Mutate, and always on top.

Here is a close-up.

Mutate on Crystalline Giant is great!

Regal Leosaur is another standout. Here, the boost is really good.