Sunday, April 19, 2020

Ikoria Temur Illuna for Commander

Illuna requires some careful considerations. You don't want to exile a bunch of creatures that would help you win the game! The creatures in this deck must be a very small selection of high-impact creatures. Scry is your friend for this deck to maximize the usefulness of this Ultimatum. This is, in my opinion, the wedge commander from Ikoria with the best enchantment. Extra lands and extra cards are a big help in almost ALL situations.

I want to have more mana rocks in this deck that in the other four.

I am showing the Mutate creatures here, but I would be very careful in how many I included. This is a balancing act and if you screw up your balance, you may wind up exiling the very cards you need to win the game. You need one of these to trigger Illuna, but then you don't one any of them coming up i the trigger. A really well thought-out commander this is.

Escape does well in this deck. With Green and some extra land drop effects, you should have plenty of mana in this deck.

You will have very few creatures. I would make them count with non-creature spells that boost them.

Cycling is at home in this deck. I want all the creatures to be non-Humans.

I would add Omnath and turn the deck into a tribal Elementals deck.

The Mythos for this wedge fits with the theme of having the biggest and baddest critter on the board, and then making a copy of it. That would be Johnny heaven!