Sunday, April 19, 2020

Ikoria Sultai Brokkos for Commander

Its great to case this commander from the graveyard with Mutte, but it's otherwise a 6/6 5 CMC Trample creature. It's all in on Mutate since all three colors have four mno-color Mutate creatures each and three multi-colored Mutate creatures. This means it's a 'no Humans' deck. The Ultimatum is cool, but definitely not game-ending. It has the beauty of Gifts Ungiven, of course, and that is always fun. The enchantment is awfully specific and is good for feeding the graveyard.

This will likely be the commander I spend the most time playing. It's in the colors of Muldrotha!!

This deck is all-in when it comes to the graveyard. As such, it uses many of the cards Abzan is using.

Here are the uncommon and rare Mutate cards. The black rare (Dirge Bat) is, in my opinion, the best of the batch. I am not sure I care for Deathtouch and Mutate together since all you need for Deathtouch is a lowly 1/1 critter.

Just as with Abzan, you need to protect your graveyard.

The Mythos for this wedge allows you to tutor into your graveyard. I would do it late game and guarantee that I reanimate at the same time I play this card.

Here are some big critters currently in Standard for the Brokos piles.

These caught my eye for this deck. I wish there was more Flash to use Cunning Nightbonder with. It's just one card and gets diluted in Commander. It's a much better Constructed card.

I am convinced Ikoria makes Theros II way better, and that's great news for our poor Theros II set. Escape is at home in this deck.