Thursday, March 31, 2016

[Legacy] Weatherlight Air Forces Theme Deck

This deck is by far my favorite after playing three Mirage theme decks in solitaire. It has an awesome combo.

Ophidian is a great, great card. Game 1 it did not shine as much as it could. It was a simple beater ending in six turns.

Game 2 is when I first encountered the combo that makes this deck awesome. You enchant a creature other than Ophidian with Empyrial Armor and instead of playing the additional cards you get from Ophidian, you keep your hand at 7. Its a two or three turn game-ending clock.

Game 3 was a six turns beater.

Game 4 had the combo with one Ophidian ending turn 5.

Game 5 was a straightforward seven turn beater.

Game 6 was similar to game 5. Sage Owl is awesome, like Ponder awesome.

Game 7 was another combo game. I could have ended it turn 5, but got trigger happy and cast the second Ophidian.