Saturday, June 4, 2016

Shadowmoor for Devotion Part 2

Let's keep going. I need to find a critical mass of devotion-friendly cards in each color pair. I will do a count at the end.

Grief Tyrant: solid effect, but makes me want to come up with a way to take off all of the counters and use it as a 6-drop 8/8 beat stick.
Kulrath Knight: another solid card not part of the devotion scan.

Manaforge Cinder: a good way to solve early game mana screw of a specific color, especially early in a Limited game.
Murderous Redcap: needs no introduction. It has a solid effect. Its one of those cards that you want to add to every deck.

Sootstoke Kindler: Limited.
Sootwalkers: Limited.

Spiteflame Witch: Interesting effect in some other deck than a devotion deck.
Spiteful Visions: Interesting effect in some other deck than a devotion deck.

Boartusk Liege: devotion lord.
Boggart Ram-Gang: nice devotion count.

Deus of Calamity: solid card; great devotion count.
Impromptu Raid: another very interesting card not part of a devotion scan.

Loamdragger Giant: Limited.
Morselhoarder: Limited.

Mudbrawler Raiders: Limited.
Rosheen Meanderer: great in specific situations, and not in a devotion deck.

Runes of the Deus: a keeper, except that its a five drop... Limited.
Scuzzback Marauders: Limited.

Scuzzback Scrapper: Limited.
Tattermunge Duo: Limited.

Tattermunge Maniac: Useful include in a devotion deck.
Tattermunge Witch: I can think of better cards for this slot to have a higher devotion count. The bonus applies to ALL creatures.

Valleymaker: sacrificing lands is so NOT fun.
Vexing Shusher: now, this is a great include. Perfect devotion and "can't be countered": what's not to like?

Wort, the Raidmother: useful in this block, and in token decks. A pass for this scan.
Elvish Hexmunter: Limited.

Heartmender: wow, that is one awesome card. Its not for a devotion deck, but the counter removal is sweet, and only applies to your creatures. Solid, very solid.
Kitchen Finks: solid in every way. Play it everywhere if you want to annoy as many opponents as possible.

Medicine Runner: counter removal is great and can apply to your opponent's planeswalker. And if you flicker this, you can repeat the process.
Old Ghastbark: Limited.

Oracle of Nectars: sweet life gain in the right deck. Not for devotion.
Oversoul of Dusk: sweet devotion, an auto-include.

Raven's Run Dragoon: Limited.
Rhys the Redeemed: great card in a token deck.

Safehold Duo: Limited.
Safehold Elite: Limited.

Wheel of Sun and Moon: One of the most beautiful Magic arts ever. Nice devotion, but the effect only fits certain decks.
Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers: auto-include for devotion count.

Wilt-Leaf Liege: devotion lord.