Saturday, May 13, 2017

Modern Green Devotion Can't be Countered

Amonkhet has added the final card I needed for a Green Devotion deck around Green creatures with the 'can't be countered' ability.

I lost against a very cool combo deck. The deck allowed my opponent to dig every single Forest out of their deck and play it.

And then with Tidespout Tyrant, they proceeded to send everything that was a permanent and did not have protection from blue back to my hand... ouch.

Here is one of those triggers... and so it begins.

This is the end result. I didn't draw any Plummets, and, yes, I can disrupt this combo if I main deck my four Plummets. It's still a cool combo, don't you think? Magic has dozens and dozens of cool junk rares that can make for fun decks at the lower tiers of competitive play.

Here, my opponent swings for the win. gg

But that loss in Just for Fun was an outlier. For all the other games I played, I won. This deck can ramp quickly, and most of the time your opponent can't counter your creatures or can't destroy Predator Ooze. The deck is very resilient, and great to beat face with when you are taking breaks between deep-thinking deckbuilding sessions.

Yeah, milling can't stop this deck.