Sunday, May 7, 2017

Standard Amonkhet Golgari -1/-1 Counters

This is the deck I really wanted to play out of this set, and it does not disappoint. I love it. Trial of Ambition is the MVP of this deck. If I get enough of them and by opponent is not able to cast enough creatures, it is gg all the way.

Win 1: Trial of Ambition forcing my opponent to sacrifice.

My opponent had a solid plan. I really like their deck. I am taking a double hit from Trespasser's Curse every time I cast a creature.

Here, my opponent can win from six hits for two life each from Faith of the Devoted, but...

... they don't have enough mana for the last two triggers. I lucked out.

I cast my black cartouche (Cartouche of Ambition) to recover my MVP.

And I force the sacrifice. It wouldn't have mattered here, but still, I love this card.

Win 2: I was able to generate a deathtouch token from Hapatra, stopping my opponent. I also have the only flyer on the board.

MVP time.

Win 3: Forcing your opponent to sacrifice their only creature is great.

I do it again. It's a win from here onwards.