Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kaladesh Deconstructed: Artifact Creatures

Here is the backbone of an artifacts-matter set: the artifact creatures. I am disappointed that we don't have one like Wurmcoil Engine or like Steel Hellkite, yet it is true that powerful artifact creatures without any color requirements have a way of landing on every deck. I am guilty of including Wurmcoil Engine in Modern decks of every color.

Chief of the Foundry is a natural inclusion in this set. I am planning to play in every deck that has a lot of artifact creatures.

Foundry Inspector helps all artifact-heavy decks. It will probably be played a lot, if not always, in those decks.

Metalwork Colossus wants you to play artifacts, but that strategy will reduce the number of creatures you can play.

There are seven artifact creatures with color requirements. These are great. Otherwise, we will see the same cards in every deck (and that is an issue with artifacts-matter sets).

Bomat Courier will require some setting up. You can't attack with a 1/1 all the time, especially when it does not have Deathtouch.