Saturday, September 3, 2016

[Standard] Sigarda's Aid Build-around

It's a great enchantment, but your cards need to come out in the right order. The equipment we have right now in Standard is not the best. Remember, we are in the battlecruiser era. If Sigarda's aid comes out in the early turns, you are able to keep creatures on the board, and the equipment is there, this deck is really good since you are not paying the equip cost. If your creature is removed, with the equipment on the board, you will need to pay the equip cost.

Here are a few solitaire board states. I started with all of the equipment available, and with 16 of them, then cut down to the three that really work, and to a total of 8. I wish we had better equipment in Standard, but we don't.

Here is Throwing Knife doing it's thing.