Monday, September 19, 2016

Kaladesh Deconstructed: Dwarfs and Vedalken

I would like to learn this set in depth. The two previous blocks have been fun, but Kaladesh is special: artifact set!!!

There are ten White Dwarfs and two White/Red Dwarfs in this set-one of the latter is a Dwarf Lord, giving Dwarfs +1/+1. There have been 38 Dwarfs issued before these, most in Red, and most in the Legacy (old frame) era. My favorite, of course, is Dwarven Miner, a land destruction dork.

There are seven Blue Vedalken, and a Blue/Red Vedalken, and a Blue/Green Vedalken in this set. I am not seeing a Vedalken Lord. There have been 38 Vedalken in all of Magic (Shards of Alara block and Gatecrash had more than other sets).