Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Standard Jund Artifacts

It looks like Amonkhet will be a Shard block. If it is, the current Standard has great tools to support the Shards.

I played a fun game in which I had, at a later stage, an entire playset of Lifecrafter's Bestiary. I almost milled myself! At this point, I only have two of them on the board.

My opponent has two strong flyers on the board and have one Ruinous Path dedicated to each.

I now have three Lifecrafter's Bestiary on the board.

I am drawing three extra cards every time I cast a creature. Nice!

First removal.

Voldaren Pariah transforms...

And that is going to suck for me.

I am left with one creature and I go for my second removal.

My opponent does not have enough creatures to replace the ones I just removed.