Friday, July 3, 2015

Origins Set Review: Angels and Thopters

There is some Angel support in this set, and that is very interesting. Bringing back a card from Avacyn Restored, Angel's Tomb, is interesting. Not much more to say here.

Clearly, Blue/Red artifacts is one of the ten limited archetypes. I really want to play these cards. In Standard the Thopter deck will be casual, and the same will be true in Modern. All of these cards drop one or more artifact tokens when they enter the battlefield, and that means that with the flickering cards from Avacyn Restored you can generate many more tokens. Still, I don't see a way to turn this archetype into a Modern powerhouse, yet I plan to play these cards in casual for both formats.

Its great that there is a Thopter land, and that is so casually sweet. Hangback Walker is cool, but at XX you are paying double and the tokens only come out when you tap it or it dies. In Modern there's Voltaic Key to untap it, and graveyard recursion (Academy Ruins and others) to bring it back. Thopters are pure deck-building fun, thanks Wizards!