Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kaladesh Deconstructed: Sorceries, Enchantments, Equipment and Artifacts

There are a lot of fun cards here, except that they all have to be played in small numbers, especially in Limited. In creature-centric battlecruiser Standard, even an artifacts-matter set has less than a dozen artifacts. There's sense to that, since too many non-creature artifacts means less playability.

Servo Exhibition has card advantage and Refurbish is a really fun reanimator tool for artifacts.

An old classic, Pacifism, gets one more mana tacked on with a new clause for Vehicles and is now Revoke Privileges.

Tezzeret's Ambition in this set's Opportunity for late game card draw in Limited.

Era of Innovation and Underhanded Designs care about artifacts. Aether Meltdown will see zero play outside of this block until we get another set with Vehicles many years from now (if ever!).

Fortuitous Find cares about artifacts.

Morbid Curiosity cares about artifacts.

Hijack cares about artifacts and Start your Engines will see zero play outside of this block.

Madcap Experiment cares about artifacts.

Creeping Mold is very useful for the mana cost. It's a more restrictive Bramblecrush.

All of the cool enchantment effects have already been handed out by the time we get to Green, yet Durable Handicraft has use.

There is very little equipment in this set, and that is surprising.

Here are the six artifacts outside the cycle and the three-some.