Tuesday, November 3, 2015

[Modern] Battle Cruiser Cube: Black Green

This deck has fun interactions. I show game play to show how the deck plays. As with other decks in this cube, these are kitchen table paper decks. In Modern Just for Fun online it is always a miracle when I win with one of these decks.

Here I exile a big threat.

My opponent takes out my colored creatures with All is Dust.

This deck was able to generate tokens out of a combo.

The combo taps and untaps Salvaging Station and Summoning Station to drop 2/2 colorless artifact tokens (Pinchers no less!).

Here is the final infestation of Pinchers!

In this close loss (better than the typical blow outs the Battle Cruiser decks encounter) was against a Dark Confidant (Bob) deck.

My opponent cast Black Sun's Zenith to trigger Blood Artist for their win.