Saturday, November 21, 2015

[Modern] Brutal Hordechief/Hellrider Retooled

This deck uses Goblins to trigger many instances of damage for 1 with Brutal Horderchief and Hellrider. Krenko is our Goblin maker. Here is the deck, now with a retooled manabase.

I played against a very interesting very large deck (400+ cards). Large decks can choke, and this one did. I won both matches 2-0.

In this game I was able to make a zillion tokens with Krenko.

In this game I am just about to start making Goblins.

Look at all those attack triggers!

I also played against a Living End Cycling deck. Here my opponent plays Violent Outburst.

And then Living End.

Here is what comes out to the battlefield.

I lost that first game. In the second game, I am able to pick out Living End with Inquisition of Kozilek.

I am close to winning but I opponent was eventually able to trigger off a second Living End.

I almost lost, but then I landed a Chandra's Phoenix (which has Flying and Haste) and could finally win with a Lightning Bolt.

In the third game I used Rakdos Charm to exile my opponent's graveyard.

And the forced play of their graveyard didn't seem game-winning.

But even after I removed two of those creatures with Lightning Bolts, my opponent played Demonic Dread and I could not block. I lost...