Saturday, November 14, 2015

[Modern] White/Green Enchantments Retooled Part 3 of 3

Link to Part 2

Here is an additional batch of wins and a loss. Here is a win against a prison deck. If my opponent had played an additional prison enchantment I would have been lost. In this game I had enough mana to hit for 4 per turn.


Here I was able to play my important cards around a lot of discarding and I could enchant a big threat.

Here I faced off an enchantment deck in a marathon standoff.

 I had way more enchantments and three versus one Sigil of the Empty Throne.

Yeah, that's 23 4/4 Flying Angel tokens on my side of the board. Sweet!

Here I get wiped by Phyrexian Rebirth (Destroy all creatures, then put an X/X colorless Horror artifact creature token onto the battlefield, where X is the number of creatures destroyed this way.)

And I am able to enchant the resulting token.

Here is an interesting loss. My opponent used Arcanum Wings (Enchant creature Enchanted creature has flying. Aura swap 2Blue (2Blue: Exchange this Aura with an Aura card in your hand.) to swap in Eldrazi Conscription on Invisible Stalker, which has Hexproof and is Unblockable... ouch, I lost.

Here is the close-up.