Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[Modern] Battle Cruiser Cube: White Blue Humans

Here is the link to the earlier version of this deck.

This is a slightly toned down version. Its a fun deck.

Here I get rid of an enchantment using Holy Justiciar's ability.

And after a board wipe I am able to get my creatures from the graveyard to the battlefield using Angel of Glory's Rise.

Here is the result.

Here my opponent may not have done the math, because I was able to swarm for a near win and then won the next turn.

Here is another win. My army did not get wiped out and I had a flyer and my opponent did not.

Here I win against a Black Vise deck. 

I was able to survive multiple board wipes (Damnation).

And my opponent gave up as I was about to cast Angel of Glory's Rise.