Sunday, November 15, 2015

Kittens versus Tigers

The absence of an automated player for Magic online (MTGO) causes in my opinion that some players use casual play in the Just for Fun room as a punching bag for powerful decks. I think there are multiple groups of players who do this: some players want to have fun while destroying a casual deck; some players want to see how their deck plays out before taking it into the Tournament Practice room. Either way its no fun when I am playing a casual jank deck and I encounter one of these decks. Here are some examples.

Here I played against a very powerful Grixis deck. 

Here my opponent plays a Violent Ultimatum

Another board wipe.

And then Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker takes my creature over... sigh.

Here is a player with a lot of disposable income for foil bling. Master of Cruelties brings back fond memories.

And this player has a deck full of money cards more fitting for play in Tournament Practice.

Here is that player reanimating Griselbrand and cleaning up Infect counters with Restoration Angel. Not fair!