Saturday, July 21, 2012

Red half deck from the 2013 Deck Builder's Toolkit

I do not find as many good red creatures, even when I include the packs that came with the toolkit. I will start off with five that are useful:

Forge Devil-DKA-C.
Two of Torch Fiend-DKA-C (one from the pack).
Bloodcrazed Neonate-ISD-C.
Pitchbirn Devils-ISD-C.

The other seven creatures are three good ones, and I would have to add lower powered cards for the rest:

Two of Goblin Arsonist-M13-C (a reprint): When Goblin Arsonist dies, you may have it deal 1 damage to target creature or player.
Falkenrath Exterminator-AVR-U: Whenever Falkenrath Exterminator deals combat damage to a player, put a +1/+1 counter on it.  

Red is a color rich in Sorceries, Instants, and Enchantments for all those aggro decks that play very few creatures. 

I pick five Sorceries:

Two of Pillar of Flame-AVR-C (a crowd favorite).

Krenko's Command-M13-C: Put two 1/1 tokens onto the battlefield.
Flames of the Firebrand-M13-U: Deals 3 damage divided among one, two, or three creatures or players.

I pick nine Instants: Red has great ones.

Two of Brimstone Volley-ISD-C (one from the booster pack).

Two of Searing Spear-M13-C: Deals 3 damage to creature or player.
Chandra's Fury-M13-C: Deals 4 damage to player and 1 damage to each creature that player controls. It has a five mana cost but this is a very useful card to clear the battlefield of tokens.
Thunderous Wrath-AVR-U (miracle): Deals 5 damage to creature or player.

From the packs:


Volcanic Geiser-M13-U: Deals X damage to target creature or player.

...and, last but not least:

Furor of the Bitten-ISD-C (from the booster pack).