Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dragons of Tarkir Review: Black

Ambuscade Shaman: Nice ETB effect. Useful in a Dash deck.
Blood-Chin Fanatic: Great if you can sacrifice and then reanimate or get the sacrificed critter back to your hand and is a 2-drop Warrior.
Minister of Pain and Blood-Chin Rager: Clever trick if your deck has a successful sacrifice theme.
Butcher's Glee: Limited battle trick that can be used in Constructed.
Coat with Venom: Deathtouch effect (wish it was an Aura).

Corpseweft: Pairs up with the Zombie theme from M15 and Waste Not.
Damnable Pact: Great card draw in a White/Black lifegain and sacrifice Warrior Reanimator deck.
Deadly Wanderings: Great addition to the one-creature restriction deck with Avacyn Restored cards although a bit late game.
Death Wind and Duress: Welcome back, friends!
Defeat: Sideboard against RDW.

Foul Renewal: Nice addition to the Reanimator theme.
Pitiless Horde: 2 life loss per turn requires some lifegain or a very fast deck. Still, a fun card.
Foul-Tongue Shriek: Limited battle trick that can be used in Constructed.
Foul-Tongue Invocation: Useful in a Dragon deck.

Gravepurge: Welcome back, friend!
Hand of Silumgar: Deathtouch 2-drop Warrior.
Hedonist's Trove: Needs a control shell in Standard yet a fun end-of-game trick. Not suited for Modern.
Marang River Skeleton: Regeneration. Skip.
Rakshasa Gravecaller: Two tokens per sacrificed creature is a nice effect.
Mind Rot: Welcome back, friend!

Risen Executioner: 4-drop Zombie lord with a worthy grveyard effect. Can it work in Modern?
Shambling Goblin: Almost a functional reprint of Fume Spitter.
Qarsi Sadist: Got to find me a nice source of creature sacrifice to make an Exploit deck, and put this card in it.
Sibsig Icebreakers: Force opponent to discard when it helps you to discard.
Sidisi, Undead Vizier: Exploit tutor: nice even if late-game.
Silumgar Assassin: Destroy clause is somehwat limited. Its a maybe or even a junk rare.

Ukud Cobra: Heavier deathtouch critter could be useful.
Ultimate Price: Welcome back, friend!
Vulturous Aven: Sign in Blood inclusion can be useful.
Virulent Plague: 2/2 token hate can be really useful in the siboboard.