Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dragons of Tarkir Review: Red

Atarka Pummeler: Nice addition to a Dragon deck. Skip.
Berserker's Onslaught: Late-game effect in Standard. Casual blow-out.
Ire Shaman: Pair up with scry to know what the top card of your library is before you flip it.
Commune with Lava: Must play this card if it does not end up being a money card. A fun effect!
Crater Elemental: Wall for a Dragon deck. Skip.
Descent of the Dragons: Rescicle your walls once your dragons are out. Cool for end of game in casual.

Dragon Tempest: Awesome card in a Dragon deck. Could be a chase rare in the current Standard.
Dragon Fodder: Welcome back, friend!
Draconic Roar: Another Dragon 'while you wait to cast fattie' reveal card.
Hardened Beserker: Limited card that can be used in Constructed.
Dragonlord's Servant: Early game speed to cast a Dragon one turn earlier.
Dragon Whisperer: Mono red Dragons helper. Could be a money rare.

Seismic Rupture: Sideboard wiper against non-Blue.
Sarkhan's Triumph: 3-drop Dragon tutor. Nice!
Kolaghan Forerunners: Dash awesomeness if you have cast a bunch of critters early game. Should be named 'Auto Dash'
Lightning Berserker: Should be named 'Auto Dash Mini Me.' Could be a chase uncommon if Dash decks are 'a thing.'
Kolaghan Stormsinger: Nice battle trick for cheap Megamorph.
Stormcrag Elemental: OK card, skip.

Roast: Sideboard target removal against non-Blue.
Rending Volley: Goes in RDW because White Blue will rock in this format.
Qal Sisma Behemoth: Undercosted with a restriction. Interesting.
Warbringer: Late-game Dash enabler. Could be very useful.
Zurgo Bellstriker: Only useful as an early cast. I don't get why it is rare.
Twin Bolt: Limited trick that could be useful as a sideboard card in Constructed.

Volcanic Vision: Heavy wiper. I am not sure it will work. Skip.
Tall Slash: Limited battle trick that may work in Constructed.