Sunday, March 8, 2015

Modern Solitaire

Playing against this deck is the most un-fun I have ever had! Here it is. The deck revolves around dropping a bunch of artifacts that can be sacrificed for an effect, especially the Spiritbombs, and with Pyrite Spiritbomb you deal two damage at a time to win the game. The cycle is simple: play a first round of artifacts, sacrifice them all for mana and additional cards, return them from the graveyard to the battlefield, repeat. There is some additional card draw and tutoring, but the main cycle is the one I just described. Once the cycle begins, if you cannot disrupt it, your opponent will rinse and repeat until enough Pyrite Spiritbombs have dealt damage, and at 2 at a time, that is quite the Solitaire job. I wanted to record it for posterity this one time and let the combo go all the way to the end. I hit F6 and went to do something else since it can take 10 minutes for the combo to play itself out.

Tutoring time.

At the end of this sacrifice cycle my opponent has 16 cards in hand and 12 mana.