Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dragons of Tarkir Review: Green

Alnok Survivalist: Naturalize for Megamorph is a nice effect.
Circle of Elders: Late game can give you some mana for fatties. Skip.
Collected Company: Mid-game booster. You can wind up losing fatties to the bottom of your deck. Skip.
Avatar of the Resolute: Great addition to a Hardened Scales deck. Good Devotion to Green an added benefit.
Assault Formation: Booster for a wall deck. Will help casual dragons in Green.
Deathmist Raptor: Reads like a junk Mythic Rare? The Megamorph cost is steep, but the 'return from graveyard' clause requires more analysis.

Dromoka's Gift: Late Game booster. Skip.
Display of Dominance: Sideboard hate against blue and black.
Press the Advantage: Mid-game battle booster.
Surrak, the Hunt Caller: Solid Legendary.
Explosive Vegetation: Mid-game mana feed.
Obscuring Aether: Auto-include for the Manifest/Morph/Megamorph Standard.

Den Protector: Nice addition to BUG reanimator.
Shaman of the Forgotten Ways: Definitely worth being Mythic. If you get your opponent to have no creatures, you win!
Servant of the Scale: Another Hardened Scales enabler, and its a common!
Inspiring Call: Awesome card draw in a Hardened Scales deck.
Lurking Arynx: Interesting late-game critter, but a 'skip.'
Naturalize: Welcome back, friend!

Sight of the Scalelords: Late game Dragon booster in casual. Skip.
Shletered Aerie: Very useful auto-include mana boost at common; thanks Wizards!
Salt Road Quartermasters: Another Hardened Scales card.
Scaleguard Sentinels: Another 'reveal while you wait to cast a fattie' Dragon card.
Salt Road Ambushers: Useful Manifest/Morph/Megamorph enabler AND Hardened Scales enabler. Love it!
Sunbringer's Touch: Great effect, EXCEPT I absolutely hate 'cards in hand' clauses (remember Saviors of Kamigawa?). Skip!!!