Sunday, May 17, 2015

[Standard] Interesting Game against a Hedonist's Trove Deck

I lost, but it was an interesting and VERY long game. The card is a 7-drop black enchantment, which because it does not read something like 'it is gg for your opponent if you cast this' it is not going to be in any tournament decks any time soon.

" When Hedonist's Trove enters the battlefield, exile all cards from target opponent's graveyard.
You may play land cards exiled with Hedonist's Trove.
You may cast nonland cards exiled with Hedonist's Trove. You can't cast more than one spell this way each turn."

Here is the game. The first phase is me playing all my critters and my opponent taking them out. Ultimate Price takes out a critter.

Valorous Stance takes out another critter.

My opponent is looking for specific cards in the next draws.

Another Valorous Stance.

A Duress fishes out my Naturalize, which I found curious with a Critter in hand.

Silumgar's Command takes out one Ajani and sends the other one to my hand.

Negate takes out my attempt to Bolster Ajani.

And then Death Wind takes it out.

My critter gets countered.

Now the second phase of the game begins. My opponent replenishes their hand with a flyer on the board.

And this flyer forces a discard.

Now comes in Hedonist's Trove.

My opponent begins to play the cards they got from my graveyard one at a time. I do not pick up one of my flyers. Once my opponent is hitting for enough with flyers, it is game over.

My draws just weren't lucky enough.