Saturday, May 16, 2015

[Standard] Updated Living Lore Mono Blue Deck

Long games, lots of decisions... I love this deck. Standard is the only format in which I can play 4 of Treasure Cruise, and once it rotates out of Standard, all we will be able to play is a lone one in Vintage, just like Ancestral Recall. Treasure Cruise is Power Nine crazy good!

Here is a game I won.

Living Lores came out and I could place them on either Treasure Cruise or Dig Through Time.

Big critters on my side.

Here is a game I lost. I made some poor counterspell decisions AND my opponent played really well.

I was able to slow down the life gain.

But then I had to start sacrificing all but two of my critters, and did not think to leave behind flyers!

No flyers, its gg and I lost.